Saturday, October 9, 2010

Terrarium Ornament

For three holiday seasons now I've made some version of this earthy ornaments today it seems these ornament are every where some as diy projects and others with living plant, most are pretty by any standards. Yet I still do love mine the best and my prejudice not only being that they look great, but because after the making and braking as many of these as I have, I have learned a bit about the best ways to keep this simply charming ornament beautifully fresh looking, for years to come. I discovered the living ornaments I made though green and full of life, would soon be dripping with dew, and all of my lovely handy work world be clouded from view. So the dream in my head of a tinny living world behind glass would turn out to not be a gift that would not last. So sadly to say it would turn out to be just a messy mound of mossy mud awaiting the arrival of mold.

Looking for new life in dried and dead bits of lifes dibree is nothing new for me in my work. So seeing a tinny tree in the stem of a plant was easy, it was putting it together cleanly using only natural elements that would last for years that was tough. So being a gardener and yes I came up with a way to keep the moss I grew naturally green looking even after drying, this as well as many new skills and lots of great tools, This ornament will stay a favorite for years.

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